James 5:7-8

Patience and endurance, those two words are like being hungry while on a diet; none of which sound very fun. The very thought of these two words is enough to bring me to my knees in absolute surrender to Christ! Without him I couldn’t endure let alone be patient. We as a society are focused on the right now, and how can I get what I want faster. Have you ever prayed for someone or a situation and it seems as if nothing has changed?


In James 5:7 he refers to the farmers waiting patiently for the rains to fall, so that their valuable harvest will ripen. Then he proceeds to tell us in verse 8, you too, must be patient, take courage for the coming of the Lord is near.


Ok, so we may not be planting fields of crops but we are praying without ceasing (1Thes 5:16), we continue to be faithful even when we can’t see a change. As I’m   patiently enduring the answers, I pray his words. Jesus wants us to rejoice when we run into trials, because it develops endurance and endurance, character (Rom5:3, 4).


Satan wants us to become weary and doubtful of what we have planted, it’s easy to lose hope and feel like you did something wrong, when you’re waiting and waiting, with what seems like no end in sight. I find it comforting that we are to take courage, because Jesus is coming! So until that time comes I will consider myself the farmer and wait for all the things that God has promised me.



Photography: @mattglenn