People still need to hear the Gospel, receive a Bible, and find a local church.

Press Bible currently does 5,000 installs a week, but we want to increase this number to 20,000 a week so we can hit 1 million installs!

My prayer is that God would call individuals like you to financially support us on a monthly basis so we can attain this goal. This money will go towards marketing Press Bible to more people and supporting additional team members in East Asia. Press Bible is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit so a partnership with you is exactly how the work is funded.

Our mission is to reach 1 million people with the Bible and begin connecting them to a local church in 2017.

With your financial support and God’s mighty hand at work within us, we can form a long-lasting relationship that will accomplish infinitely more that we could ever imagine!

Maison Tiradoegas

Executive Director, Press Bible

Current Impact: