He Calls Us Righteous | One Verse

At any given moment, we could all probably rattle off a list of moments where we’ve missed the mark. Some failures we can shake off, but others linger weighing us down. In the race to be good enough, our failures attach and drag us down reminding us that we aren’t (insert that quality you’ve been running after) enough.

Throughout Romans, Paul makes it very clear that we are not saved by anything we do. Our salvation is not dependent on how much we place in the offering plate, how many rules we can keep, or how many days we make it to the 9am service on time. We are saved by God’s grace and His grace only.

In Romans 4:3 Paul writes, “Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous because of his faith.” He put his trust in God and as a result was made right with God. We also can receive this same gift.

We don’t have to have more or do more, or be more. God says that we are enough. Just as we are, flawed and in need of grace, He takes us in. At the moment that we put our faith in God, we are made right with Him.

The Lord’s love doesn’t make sense by society’s standards. We aren’t deserving of His mercy, yet He extends it anyways. When we miss the mark,  He still loves us. Our salvation is the sole result of our gracious Father who calls us to righteousness.


As you explore the grace God has given you, consider these questions:

1. When you fail, why is it hard to extend yourself grace?
2. What is hindering you from believing that the Lord has already made you enough?
3. How can you take steps to see yourself as God sees you?


The Lord is present, walking with us everyday calling us near to him so that we might have a fuller life with Him. Are you listening to his calling today?