Another Bible app?

According to a recent Time Magazine article, “Millennials Losing Faith in the Bible,” millennials are driving the increase of people who are skeptical of the Bible, nearly doubling since 2011. These skeptics think the Bible is “just another book of teaching written by men that contains stories and advice.” Two thirds of this group is between the ages of 18 and 29.

We all know someone who is in this age group, and probably dealing with doubt in the Truth of the Word of God.

A 2012 study says that 76% of young people are “visual” learners. Press Bible, a new bible app, is designed to reach these people.

<a href=””>I recently released a Kickstarter campaign.</a> Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website that helps artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, etc. raise money for special projects.

HERE’S THE CATCH: We only have 20 days left to raise $25,000 or Press Bible won’t receive <i>any </i>of the money that has been pledged!

When you pledge, your money will NOT be taken out of your account immediately.

The donation will only be taken if the full amount of $25K is raised by May 3rd.

Pledging will also earn you different rewards that relate to Press Bible’s project.

Any amount helps.

If we all join together, each giving what we can, this can really happen.

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3.     Pray that the money will come through.
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